On the Nature of Hope

When I have hope, I feel invincible. That isn’t an exaggeration. When I have a goal and I can picture attaining it, it feels like nothing in the world can stop me. Often, these moments get out of hand, and I get too excited. I try to reign myself in, but usually I fail. I feel a little dumb for getting overexcited, but I do not dislike this aspect of myself. I am a big fan of hope. I think it is pretty great.


I am currently ridiculously busy getting certified for some tech work. I haven’t finished anything worth posting yet. Here’s a preview of a short story I am writing, just because I abhor the idea of not posting anything for a week.

Re-Cutting the Cord

There is a growing trend: cord-cutting. Not the literal act of slicing through cables, mind you, but the figurative act of cutting one’s cable service and finding entertainment solely via broadcast television and internet services. I am one of the rare people who actually went from being a cord-cutter to a cable subscriber. I maintained for years that if I could get decent internet and cable TV (HD, with a DVR) for $100, I’d pay for it gladly. When the opportunity presented itself, I made good on my word and ordered the service. I was happy to so, forsaking Hulu and Netflix for a TiVO Premiere. Last month, in the face of rising cable costs(to $115 a month) and the realization that I spent way too much time watching TV, I scaled back my service with RCN to Internet only.

Do Yourself a Favor: Don’t Miss “The Last of Us”

View fullsize Joel and Ellie make their way through the collapsed infrastructure of the US.  Before The Last of Us, I would not call myself a fan of video game developer Naughty Dog. Obviously, they are very popular; their games sell in the millions, and they are Sony’s flagship developer. Uncharted is the best-selling PlaystationContinue reading “Do Yourself a Favor: Don’t Miss “The Last of Us””

Hey, I Finally Got My Ouya

The Ouya console and controller. Yes, the console really is that small. After months of waiting, I received an email from the folks at Ouya saying my Limited Edition Kickstarter version of their console had shipped. The only major difference between my version and the one shipped to other Kickstarters is the bronze-colored brushed metalContinue reading “Hey, I Finally Got My Ouya”

Five Shows That Deserve Another Season

Arrested Development is back, and in light of the excitement I’d like to highlight five other awesome shows that ended well before their time. 5. Mission Hill This comedy originally aired in 1999, and was part of the comedy animation boom of the late 90’s. Mission Hill is about Andy and Kevin French, two brothersContinue reading “Five Shows That Deserve Another Season”