Five Great Songs About Games or Gaming

There are a multitude of video game theme covers on the internet, and all sorts of songs have a line or two referencing gaming, but few songs are really about gaming, particularly songs reflecting it in a positive light. Certainly, there are all sorts of songs about boys ignoring girls during a gaming session. There aren’tContinue reading “Five Great Songs About Games or Gaming”

Chromebook: One Month Later

Four weeks is a long time. Perhaps not in the grand scheme of things, but I don’t think anyone would argue it is too short to get the feel of a laptop. For the last 30 days, I’ve used the Chromebook almost every day. It couldn’t replace my main laptop, but I attempted to useContinue reading “Chromebook: One Month Later”

Excited About Ouya

View fullsize The Ouya console and controller. I should probably be restraining some of my excitement, but there’s no way around it: I’m very anxious to get my hands on my Limited Edition, Kickstarter-Backer-Only version of the Ouya. There is as much to be worried about as there is to be excited over. Ouya isContinue reading “Excited About Ouya”

Chromebook: Extended Review

The Samsung Series 3 Chromebook(or, to make typing/reading easier, the SS3c) is in many ways a flagship device for Google’s ChromeOS. Despite its low price tag, this Chromebook fulfills the promises of ChromeOS: it is fast, light, and secure. Because of its low price tag, I just went out and bought one without hesitation. Here’sContinue reading “Chromebook: Extended Review”

Chromebook: Day One

A stock photo of the Samsung Series 3 Chromebook. Today I started messing around with a Chromebook. Specifically, a Samsung Series 3 Chromebook. Chromebooks are designed around Google’s Chrome web browser. Aside from a few built-in apps, everything runs through Chrome. This also means that everything on the laptop is linked to a Google account.Continue reading “Chromebook: Day One”

Thanks For Nothing, WaMu

This article was originally published on my old blogger site, Impoverished Geek. So, here’s the thing: I don’t make a lot of money. You may have gathered that from the name of the blog, or the statement on my bio, but it bears stating due to the subject of this article. So, I repeat: IContinue reading “Thanks For Nothing, WaMu”

Fixing Digital Downloads

This article was originally published on my old blogger site, Impoverished Geek. Ah, the internet. In just a decade and a half or so, it has changed so much about the world. Who needs letters when you can e-send them? Who needs photo albums when you can e-share your images? Who needs a radio whenContinue reading “Fixing Digital Downloads”