When is the last time you updated your website, NFB?

Mastodon Verification

I know, I know. It’s been millennia since I posted anything, let alone anything of value. All the same, this post is just to verify my Mastodon account. I’m @nofunberg@mastodon.world. Don’t worry, I’m not super active there, either. Mastodon

Freedom, Fascism, and You

It’s a trite thing to say, but the United States stands at a crossroad. We have as president, elected via electoral college, a mean-spirited, selfish buffoon who takes pride in his boorish behavior. He courted the angriest and most frustrated factions of the country during his election, and, long after getting elected, still refuses to…

The Evasiveness of Sleep

There are nights when no amount of melatonin or calming music or snuggling cats can keep my eyes closed and my brain turned off. On these nights, which I try to avoid, my thoughts loop and the obsessive-compulsive facets of my nature lead me to the edge of anxiety. What-ifs and if-onlys dance through my…

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